Some of my best articles on nail fungus.

I am nuts about nail fungus and have a lot of articles floating around on the internet about it. The following are my highest rated articles on toenail and nail fungus.

A toenail infection can be quite disgusting – luckily there are ways to cure it. One popular cure for nail fungus is listerine. However I have personally tried this stuff and it doesn’t work in all situations, depending on the level of infection.

If you don’t know what a nail infection looks like, usually the toenails will become yellow. Another symptom is that the toenail can become brittle and thick.

Sometimes the reason some nail fungus won’t go away is because toenail fungus is harder to kill off nowadays because of new strains.

Even vinegar and tea oil aren’t strong enough for the nastiest of toenail infections. Did you know that this stuff can’t get down to the root of the problem – which means it will only come back later.

Sometimes the best treatments for toe nail fungus have to be bought. In that situation, I always recommend ZetaClear because it is extremely powerful on nail fungus.

One of the best ways to cure toe fungus is to eliminate it down at the root. To do this, you need to keep at your treatments for a period of a month to even two for heavy fungal infections.

When it comes to cures for nail fungus, only few really do the job. Things like vinegar don’t really work on finger nail fungus because who wants to keep their hands soaked in baths of vinegar for half an hour each day?

Remedies for nail fungus infections are few and far between. However, if you keep up with daily treatment it can be eliminated. You first need to figure out what types of treatments work on your strand of nail fungus.

Again, if you are looking for the best toe nail fungus remedy, I highly recommend you check out ZetaClear. This stuff is no joke and goes right down to the root of your nail infection.

As you can see I have many articles on the top – I guess you could say I am a little bit crazy. Hope you enjoyed my articles and learned a little something to help you eliminate your nail fungus problem.

-Dan Kooper

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